Topics Attorney general

Constitute topics are built from the variables in the Comparative Constitutions Project’s dataset, which captures the content of world constitutions. The particular variables relevant to this topic are listed below, in the form of survey questions.

More information about the CCP’s research design is available here, including background information on how the team designed the inventory of constitutional topics as well as the full coding survey


The office responsible for representing the government in criminal or civil cases. The office may have various names, including the public prosecutor, or prosecutor general.




prosecutor; prosecutor general; public prosecutor

Survey Questions

  • Does the constitution provide for an attorney general or public prosecutor responsible for representing the government in criminal or civil cases?
  • Who is involved in the nomination of the attorney general?
  • Who is involved in the approval of the attorney general?
  • What are the details of the process for selecting the attorney general?
  • What is the maximum term length for the attorney general?
  • What restrictions are in place regarding the number of terms the attorney general may serve?
  • What is the minimum age limit for eligibility to serve as attorney general?
  • What additional restrictions does the constitution place on becoming the attorney general?