Topics Constitution amendment procedure

Constitute topics are built from the variables in the Comparative Constitutions Project’s dataset, which captures the content of world constitutions. The particular variables relevant to this topic are listed below, in the form of survey questions.

More information about the CCP’s research design is available here, including background information on how the team designed the inventory of constitutional topics as well as the full coding survey


Details the way in which the text of the constitution can be formally amended. This is distinct from the task of constitutional interpretation often undertaken by courts.



Survey Questions

  • Does the constitution provide for at least one procedure for amending the constitution?
  • Who is allowed to propose amendments to the constitution (check all that apply)?
  • What are the details of the amendment proposal process?
  • Who approves amendments to the constitution?
  • What are the details for the amendment approval process?
  • Do constitutional amendments require more than a simple majority by the legislature to be approved?
  • What proportion of the vote is needed to approve a constitutional amendment?
  • Are there any bodies/people with a role in the amendment process who can consult or advise the decision makers, but cannot amend nor veto constitutional amendments?
  • Who can only consult about constitutional amendments?
  • Who is the last person (office or body) to approve constitutional amendments?