Topics Subsidiary unit government

Constitute topics are built from the variables in the Comparative Constitutions Project’s dataset, which captures the content of world constitutions. The particular variables relevant to this topic are listed below, in the form of survey questions.

More information about the CCP’s research design is available here, including background information on how the team designed the inventory of constitutional topics as well as the full coding survey


Specifies the competencies of the governments of the subsidiary units in a federal system.




departments; districts; provinces; regions; states

Survey Questions

  • What is the name given to the subsidiary units?
  • Do the subsidiary units have lawmaking power?
  • Is the federal government or subsidiary unit the residual lawmaker?
  • Which organs of the subsidiary units have lawmaking power?
  • Do the subsidiary units have the power to levy taxes?
  • Does the constitution specify a plan for revenue sharing between the national government and the subsidiary units?
  • What are the criteria or formula used to determine the share of revenue distributed to the subsidiary unit?
  • Besides the power to tax, what powers are assigned to the subsidiary unit?
  • Do the subsidiary units have their own executive (such as a governor)?
  • How are subsidiary unit executives selected?
  • Do the subsidiary units have their own independent legislatures?
  • How are members of subsidiary unit legislatures selected?