Topics Head of state removal

Constitute topics are built from the variables in the Comparative Constitutions Project’s dataset, which captures the content of world constitutions. The particular variables relevant to this topic are listed below, in the form of survey questions.

More information about the CCP’s research design is available here, including background information on how the team designed the inventory of constitutional topics as well as the full coding survey


In cases where the head of state has committed a crime, or lost the confidence of the legislature, he or she may be removed from office. This may be carried out by the legislature, the head of government, or another competent body.




dismissal; king; monarch; president; queen

Survey Questions

  • Who can approve a dismissal of the head of state?
  • What are the details of the dismissal process for the head of state?
  • Are there provisions for dismissing the head of state?
  • Under what grounds can the head of state be dismissed?
  • Who can propose a dismissal of the head of state?